Week 3 & 4

So I have officially been in business for a month! I am very happy with how this month has gone. The last two weeks have been very busy!! I have done so many onsite estimates! I had so much work last week I had to hire some employees! It is a great feeling when you can give somebody else a job, on the other hand you are also responsible for firing or demoting employees as well, which is not such a great feeling. We completed 3 jobs and have started 2 more! I am looking into some business organization software like quickbooks to keep up with all the paperwork and receipts, they are starting to pile up lol. I am also looking into a receipt and paperwork scanner, i didn’t realize how expensive they are, but i think it will be necessary in making it easier to keep up with everything. I am going soon to try and turn in my first proposal for getting an apartment complex contract! I have everything ready for it, the vendors form, price list, w-9 etc. I was referred to the apartment complex by one of the managers there who has seen my work. This is exciting because that is guaranteed long term work.  So far I would say starting my own business has been a success, while it is stressful at times, it is so nice to make my own schedule and work for myself instead of making money for someone else! I have completed A few more jobs and they were happy with the result, so if they are happy, I am happy. I really could not ask for a better first month of business. Now i just need to take a couple of days to recuperate and get all my paperwork in order and a system in place, because it looks like I am going to need it. Painting Achieved In No Time is going strong so far!!! I am truly blessed and I give all credit to God, because without him none of this is possible!


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