Week Two

So week two of starting this business is completed! It has been another long week.  My website (www.paintingachievedinnotime.com ) has received a few inquiries for quotes, which is nice because it lets me know that people are actually going to my website! I received a few more likes and a few more reviews on my Facebook page for the business, that is always exciting. I completed my first few official jobs for my business last week. I painted a town home from top to bottom, also updated the stairs from carpet to stained wood. I completed a living room accent wall and fireplace. I also started on a 3 story brick house and helped a friend of my who owns a business (Weston Premier Painting) complete a color change on a house. God has truly blessed me with plenty to do! So far things are off to a busy start! My schedule has been filled to the max. If I’m not on a job working, I am going to estimate jobs. I was weary about starting this business, after just two weeks I think it’s safe to say that I am glad I went for it. I know it’s early to tell yet, but it is so much better than working for some one else who is making all the money while I am doing all the work. I believe I am starting to get so much work that I am going to need to hire a couple more employees to get the jobs completed! Really not much more to say about week two, just been working, working and working some more!!! 



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